small city writer at the big city conference

I have never been to a Romance Writers of America Conference and so I was nervous when I got to my first one, Northern Hearts in Toronto Ontario, without Lynn, because she was working. I shouldn’t have worried. Molly O’Keefe dubbed me a conference virgin and I joined in the fun. I was inspired, overwhelmed and loved the general, you can do it vibe. We have already sent our book to Dreamspinner (they said no), Riptide (they haven’t said anything yet) and now City Owl Press. I met Chief Operating Officer Tina Moss at the Friday night book signing. I was too shy/scared to join a pitch session so when we were talking and she said, “so pitch to me,” I blanked and babbled. Had I even written a book I wondered. She laughed and asked me to send it. I don’t want to make predictions about whether they will want it or not here….but doing that first really embarassing pitch taught me a lesson or two about how prepared I need to be and I thank Tina for that. All baby steps along the way.

I still have another couple of publishers to send to before we enter the scary world of self publishing. Scary only to me I learned at the conference. I’m almost ready.